Hebrew Class Bracha 2015


Kehilla offers adult classes, learning events and other study opportunities, reflecting the interests and goals identified by congregants.  If you have an interest in learning in a particular area, or would like to volunteer to help make these opportunities possible, we welcome your email to adulted@kehillasynagogue.org.  Please scroll down for current offerings.

Online Hebrew/Biblical Text Resources

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Spring Holiday Arc for Rookies (and we are all rookies)
Taught by: Rabbi SAM Luckey

Weekly on Sunday – starting Sunday, March 17 from 7:15 – 8:30pm (PT) via Zoom

Join Rabbi SAM for this 8 week course for this class, which is especially geared towards people who are newer to this sacred cycle, including folks in or interested in the conversion and adult bar/bat mitzvah programs, and any folks who want to dig deeper into the sacred rhythms of the season. Register and Learn More

If Prayers Flows In the Mouth: Basic Prayerbook Hebrew Course with Synagogues Rising (via Zoom)
Taught by: Rabbi SAM Luckey

Weekly on Mondays – starting Monday, March 14 (optional Alef Bet Booster class on Mon., March 7) from 5:15 – 6:45pm (PT) / 8:15 – 9:45pm(ET) via Zoom

Join Rabbi SAM for this 11 week course to deepen your relationship with Jewish prayer? In this dynamic and playful beginner class we will learn the building blocks of Hebrew liturgical language with a focus on vocabulary and grammar. Our learning will include song, chevruta study (study-buddies), community building, and exploration of the layers of meaning in our prayers.

All registrants are invited to attend a free, optional online Alef Bet Booster Class on March 7 to review the letters and vowels. Register and Learn More

Essentials of Judaism 
Taught by: Rabbi Dev Noily

Twice monthly on Tuesdays, February 8, February 22, March 8, March 29, April 5, April 19 and May 3 from 7-9pm (PT) – initially via Zoom, moving to in-person. 

Join Rabbi Dev for a seven session (twice monthly) deep dive into some of the juiciest parts of Jewish practice and life. This class is required for Conversion and Adult B’nei Mitzvah Students and is open to all. Learn more

Course Offerings from Rabbi Chaya Gusfield

Sunday, May 1, 3-5, PST, via Zoom

A Taste of Jewish Prayer as Medicine
Using writing to access the portal of prayer
No Hebrew or prayer experience required. Open to all traditions.

Accessing prayer has many portals. For some it is music, others text, some dance, others study. Today we will have a taste of finding our own stories woven into prayers we may or may not have experience with.  With the assistance of learning, writing and witnessing, we ask the question “How is this prayer meant just for me as medicine?” This process will help us access and recognize prayer in general, not just the ones we will have time to learn. Learn more

Exploring Jewish?

Learning * Reflection * Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah * Conversion *

If you’ve been thinking about giving your interest in Jewish experience more focused attention, Kehilla would like to encourage, and help support your effort. However you define what “Jewish” (or “Kehillian”) experience means to you, there are opportunities to explore and enrich that part of your life. You may have a desire to study toward a bar/bat mitzvah ceremony, or a conversion, or just to give yourself the gift of deeper personal exploration.

We’re offering a variety of experiences: classes (Hebrew included), groups, partnered study (chevruta), solo study, personal reflection and exploration of mitzvot and the spiritual underpinnings of social action. Some participants will identify a concrete goal; others will just see what develops.

If this intrigues you, please respond (“I’m curious” is a sufficient response, more is welcome) to experience@kehillasynagogue.org . No commitment now—let’s talk!