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Action to Save Lives at San Quentin

A number of Kehilla members participated in an action at San Quentin on July 19, 2020, some in person and some virtually. Rabbi David was one of the faith leaders who spoke.  You can hear him here starting at minute 25 or read his words here.

Thanks to Sabine Gillespie for the great banners!  We also brought the Let Our People Go banner that we used so often at the Richmond jail/detention facility. The situation at San Quentin is an unbelievable atrocity.  There are 2092 confirmed cases of COVID among those imprisoned and 244 confirmed cases among staff. 14 have died.

Take the actions in this toolkit to pressure Governor Newsom to take the needed measures to protect those at San Quentin and beyond at this link.

Call Governor Newsom at 916-445-2841 & Demand:

-Reduce prison capacity below 50%
-Stop all transfers between California prisons and from prisons to ICE detention facilities.
-Release people, beginning with those most vulnerable.
-Improve the care and treatment for people inside San Quentin and other jails,
prisons and detention facilities.


Photo by David Bacon


Photo by David Bacon

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