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Face-to-Face: A Jewish-Palestinian Reparations Alliance

Face-to-Face was formed in the fall of 2021 inspired by Rabbi Burt Jacobson’s vision for Jewish reparations and an alliance with progressive Israelis and Palestinians. We meet once or twice a month on Sunday evenings learning about Israel/Palestine while pursuing paths to connect directly with Israelis and Palestinians in order to oppose the Occupation and to promote Palestinian liberation. Recently we have connected with a Palestinian Bedouin village in the South Hebron Hills, Umm Al-Khair.

New Kehilla Committee Forms Allyship with Palestinian Village

Inspired by a vision Rabbi Burt Jacobson shared in a Yom Kippur workshop last year, members of Kehilla have formed a committee to support and create allyship with a community in the West Bank territory of Palestine.

The group, called Face-to-Face: a Jewish-Palestinian Reparations Alliance, met on Zoom for the first time in October 2021 and has been gathering virtually once or twice a month ever since. After doing some research on the area, the group reached out to Umm al-Khair, a village in the South Hebron Hills that Rabbi Emeritus David Cooper had visited while doing activist work with the Center for Jewish Nonviolence. (You can read Rabbi David’s account of this work in a 2017 essay he published in the J., the Jewish News of Northern California.)

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Link to page about Umm Al-Khair 

March 2023 article about Umm Al-Khair

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