A renewed call for donations to aid the unhoused community

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A renewed call for donations to aid the unhoused community

The weather is getting better and COVID vaccinations are more widely available, but the political climate is still unfriendly to the unhoused.  You can help!  Here are the top suggestions from Kehilla’s Homeless Action Committee:

  • If you received an REI member reward, you can convert some or all of it to an REI gift card (search for Gift Cards on the REI web site) and send them to the committee electronically.  The committee will pool your donations for the purchase of tents and other essentials.
  • If you want to make specific purchases from REI or elsewhere, contact the committee for the physical shipping address to use for these donations.
  • We also encourage donations to Love and Justice in the Streets.
  • If you’ve been waiting to donate used clothing, blankets, tents, etc. please contact the committee about possible dropoff dates at the Kehilla Homeless Depot.

Finally, don’t miss the amazing March issue of The Street Spirit with amazing poster art dramatizing the plight of the unhoused.

"We're Still Here" by Inti Gonzalez

“We’re Still Here” by Inti Gonzalez

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