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A Note on the Israel/Palestine Values Survey

by Rabbi David J. Cooper

Last month we sent out to every member household a survey to determine support for a statement of values on Israel/Palestine. One could indicate where one stood on a spectrum from very much disagreeing to strong agreement (scale of 1 to 5).

As of this writing, 141 responses have been received.

99 responses are 5’s – strongly agree. (71.7%)

26 are 4’s – generally agree (18.8%)

7 are 3’s – more or less neutral (5.1%)

3 are 2’s – generally disagree (2.2%)

3 are 1’s – very much disagree (2.2%)

In a few days, I will be reading the many written comments on the proposed wording and I plan to print some of them in the November Kol Kehilla, with the permission of their authors to print with ascription or anonymously.

The decision to adopt the statement as is (or with grammatical changes) will be in the hands of the Kehilla Board. Currently the plan is that in October the results of the survey and representative comments and suggestions will be forwarded to the Board for their consideration and action.

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