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A Love Note to My Kehilla

SHULAMIT VERY VERY BEST by Hazzan Shulamit Wise Fairman           

My heart is full with gratitude and love for the past 11 years we’ve shared together.  Huge thanks to everyone who came out on June 3rd to celebrate my first decade-plus—your shower of blessings and appreciations truly touched my heart.  Your singing of the Heart Opener niggun truly rocked my soul.  I first shared that melody with you when my abba (dad) died a year and a half ago.  As the waves of melody washed over me, I felt his love and presence surrounding me. I felt the inextricable connection between all of us.

On the heels of the Orlando massacre, with my own fear unhinged, I sense the magnificent blessing of being alive and the awesome challenges ahead. I see people all around me who want to feel deeply, think creatively, act courageously, and as a Jewish community, be agents of healing and change.  I’m grateful for the countless ways I’ve been inspired, supported, and grown by the leadership, wisdom and kindness of so many of you. It’s an honor to be in the flow of collaborating, praying, change making, learning, and life-cycling together.  As we nurture one another and the life-breath of our community, we renew Judaism and restore some humanity and spirit to the world at large, reaching for connection and justice and peace.

I want to send an extra dose of love and gratitude to those who make my day-to-day work possible– my amazing Colleagues on Staff, our Board of Directors, my fellow Musical Prayer Leaders and Spiritual Leaders, the Spiritual Life Practices Committee, the Glitter Kehilla leadership, our Chevra Kadisha, the Chesed Committee, our Kehilla School and B’nei Mitzvah teachers, all our Tikkun Olam activists, and amazing Volunteers. Your dedication, caring, and generosity weave an extraordinary web that I treasure with all my being.

With love and blessings,

Hazzan Shulamit

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