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3 Generation Chavurah Inaugural Gathering

Note: The 3 gen Chavurah has set a date for its next meet up!
Sunday June 16th at a great park in Alameda.
Bring babies if you have them; laps if they are looking for babies; food; toys; songs; etc.

The 3 Generation Chavurah had its inaugural gathering in April at Kehilla Synagogue. Three babies showed up eager to play with anyone who was willing to feed them or play pass-the-ball. They were accompanied by parents who were happy to see their children being adored by others and meet new folks. There were several “Graunties” (as some of the elder’s casually named themselves) who were happy to have some play time with crawling, ball throwing, toy sharing. We introduced ourselves, shared a lovely potluck brunch, and got three-generational juice flowing.

3 Gen Chav is an open door chavurah for Kehilla Members, so if you’d like to join us for our next gathering, send an email to and we will put you on our communications list. Kehilla will also support a Fall/Sukkot gathering and a Winter/Hanukkah gathering for this year. In the meantime (and in the future) the members of this group are encouraged to reach out to one another and create plans that will work best for them.

This 3 Gen Chavurah is the first of several that Kehilla will help get started over the next year, so stayed tuned to more invitations in the future.

If you are interested in meeting up with other Kehilla members who are interested in forming a Shabbat music-based chavurah, contact Bracha Stone, and you will be invited to the gathering in November where those interested can then take it from there.

Ideas and questions are welcome to:

editor’s note: AWAWAWAWAAWWWWW

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