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A Refresher on Articles From Kehilla’s Board

Here’s a refresher of articles for everyone who is interested in learning more about Kehilla’s Board. November 2019: Greeting our community every day December 2019: Kehilla Board Service Myths and […]

Lisa’s Kol Nidre Speech (October 8, 2019)

Kehilla board member, Lisa Korwin, spoke about her relationship to Kehilla at Kol Nidre services this year. We’re choosing to print her talk here to support each of us in […]

Kehilla Board Service Myths and Facts

This was originally published December 2019   1) Myth: Being on the Board will be too time-consuming. Truth: You will be expected to attend Board meetings regularly 1x/month for 2-3 […]

Greeting Our Community Everyday

This originally appeared in November 2019 That feeling when we walk up the steps of the Scottish Right Center or to Kehilla at the High Holidays – being greeted on […]

On Peter Beinart and the One-State Issue

By Rabbi David Cooper   One of the hot topics of discussion about Israel/Palestine in the last few weeks has been two essays by Peter Beinart about his turn to […]

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