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13th Annual Faith Trio Harvest Dinner

This year at Kehilla on Sukkot
Friday, September 28, 6:30-8:45pm

Join us in the Kehilla Sukkah for this annual tradition of the Faith Trio [Kehilla, the Islamic Cultural Center, and Montclair Presbyterian) as we gather in the autumn to be together in community. The Harvest Festival brings together Jews, Muslims and Christians from the three congregations to eat together, to get to know each other and to consider some concern that we share together. This year the theme is Sanctuary and Immigration in our three traditions. All three of our congregations have a deep concern for immigrants and it will be a mutual encouragement for us all to share what our respective traditions teach us about the divine instruction to shelter the vulnerable and greet the stranger.

There will be an interlude of music in the evening with a Jewish/Muslim combo with renewalist rabbi Tzvi Bar-David and Sufi musician Rashid Patch

IMPORTANT: Kehilla people need to bring a main vegetarian dish enough for 6 people plus your party.

All events at Kehilla are scent-free. Click here for information about what it means to be scent-free.

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