What to Bring to the Retreat 2016

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For all participants, consider bringing the following:

Water bottles for each person (reusable to be filled on site)

Easy to set up shade to share / umbrellas

A Folding chairs, limited numbers avaialbe for use

Sun screen


Clothing for hot and cool—mornings & evenings can be foggy, esp. if you stay for the   campfire. Typically Bort Meadow gets less fog and a little more sun and warmth than the Oakland side of the hills.

We request that you do NOT bring alcohol or dogs. Thank you!

Also, while you are here… there are various rules about where to park your car (drop off spots versus long-term parking), so please be alert for the signs, and thanks in advance for your gracious compliance!


Special props, instruments, or costumes you might want for the talent show!

Bug repellant (for evening time – please select one with low environmental impact, and    apply somewhere away from the center of camp!)


Games and cards

Long pants to avoid poison oak, if venturing into the bushes at the edges of the site.

You are welcome to bring cell phones, but be aware that phone reception can be spotty.  Coverage seems okay in the upper parking lot before the gate, but consistent cell phone reception cannot be expected.

If you are going to stay for camping on one or both nights, you may also want to consider bringing some of the following items:

  • Food for Friday night and for Breakfasts
  • Tent  (or waterproof ground cover if you want to sleep under the stars)
  • Sleeping bag or warm comforters / blankets/pillow/Pad
  • Clothes, toiletries, favorite teddy bear, etc.

Camping questions can be directed to Anna Martin, acmjp@yahoo.com

FOR ALL ITEMS, please take an each moment to label your belongings with masking tape and a marker, so we can make sure everything returns home safe and sound!

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