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One of the best ways to make new friends and get involved in Kehilla is by volunteering to help make Kehilla happen!

The Avodah Corner is where you can find the latest volunteer opportunities, and learn what others are doing to help. There are one-time opportunities, ongoing projects and committees, and everything in between.

Current Volunteer Opportunities: 

+ May 12th Sanctuary Shabbat Lunch Helpers: this very special afternoon includes a lunch, and we will be needing help! We will chop veggies, organize platters, and get the kitchen back in order post-event (with help from attendees), all while having a grand time. Sanctuary is an important topic – help us make sure we discuss with full bellies! Contact Maya (info below) for more details or to register.

+ Library Manager: we need a volunteer to help organize and keep up a small library at Kehilla! A few hours to get us off the ground and then an hour or two a week would probably do the job; contact Maya (info below) for more details or to register.

Contact Maya Joshua, Kehilla’s Program and Communications Manager, to find out more about how you can volunteer or to step up for one of the jobs listed above. 

Email: maya@kehillasynagogue.org or by phone at (510) 547-2424 ext. 106.

Kiddush sponsors are needed!  Contact Jan Herzog, Kiddush Coordinator, at KiddushSponsor@kehillasynagogue.org to sponsor a Kiddush.