The Parent Service Program is an important way to build our community and support our programs and events. Each Kehilla School family provides 5 hours of volunteer service every year. In lieu of your time, there is an option to pay $75.

* The 5 hours that are volunteered are also included in the 10 hours of Avodah service that is required with your membership to the Synagogue.

* All 5 hours must be completed in full or the service fee of $75 will be charged.

We strongly encourage each family to participate with Kehilla School in this way. It is a fantastic way to make new friends and be involved in your child’s experience. Thank you for your time and energy in our community!

Option 1: Organize a service project or social time for your class

Option 2: Provide administrative support to Natalie as it relates to your class (ie organize teacher gifts at the end of the year)

Option 3: Zoom tech during Kehilla School (note- we ask that folks only sign up for this option if you are already very comfortable using zoom)

Option 4: Provide as-needed support for Kehilla School throughout the year (ie we might decide to distribute supplies or gifts to school families throughout the year and would need distribution support)

Please be in touch with Natalie Boskin ( if you have questions about any of these options.