An important part of a child’s developing sense of identity is an awareness of their cultural heritage. Our goal with the Joyfully Jewish curriculum is to deepen your child’s appreciation of the Jewish tradition and culture, and to engage the whole family as well! To do so, we will use the most successful tool available: FUN! Joyfully Jewish classes focus on Jewish holidays, traditions, and finding joy in Judaism through story-telling, song, art, and cooking projects.

If you’re interested in enrolling a student in Joyfully Jewish, Kehilla’s Kindergarten program, please email Natalie Boskin, Youth Programs Coordinator, at More information about Joyfully Jewish will be available after the High Holy Days, so go ahead and continue renewing your membership and enrolling your other children now without enrolling your kindergartener in Kehilla School.

More questions about Joyfully Jewish? Please contact:

Rabbi Gray Myrseth, Director of Youth Programs
Natalie Boskin, Youth Programs Coordinator