Kehilla Co-Sponsors Prop 20 Votinar: Say No to Repopulating Prisons and Jails

On Wednesday, September 9, 7 pm – pm Kehilla and the Economic Justice Committee join other congregations and organizations in offering an educational forum on Prop 20. Also known as the Cooper Initiative, this proposition seeks to overturn the positive effects of Prop 47, Prop 57 and AB109 which helped decrease jail and prison populations by redefining classifications and sentences for petty, non-violent crimes. Law enforcement and the prison industry are backing this initiative.

Criminal justice reform activists have been working to depopulate jails and prisons with significant effect, and are continuing to do so under the threat and consequences of COVID-19 which is devastating confined populations including Santa Rita and San Quentin.

To register, please follow the link here.

Learn more with these documents:

Prison Spending Initiative would undermine California criminal justice reforms and public safety

Prop 20 forum Save Date and Register

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