The Kehilla Fireside Art Gallery is an ongoing art gallery hosted by Kehilla. Every three months, Kehilla hosts a solo or group show. The shows feature Kehilla members. An artist’s opening reception is held for each new show.

A Long Walk With Many Views:  An Art Exhibit by Barbara Haber

Opening:  December 8    Reception with Artist:  January 6, 3:00-5:00pm

By the River of Mercy







We are pleased to announce the opening of a new art exhibit in the Fireside Room, created by Kehilla artist Barbara Haber.  The show will be on view beginning Saturday, December 8.  Please join us for the artist’s reception on Sunday, January 6, 2019, 3-5pm.

Barbara writes:

All of my art starts with walking.  Hiking in the Sierras or by the ocean, I am awed by the grandeur, delicacy, and vibrant energy of land and water.  Walking through farmer’s markets, orchards, and gardens I am filled with amazement and gratitude for the generosity of our living planet –the shade of the trees, the delectable fruits, vegetables, and nuts, the luscious flowers that it provides.  And these ongoing journeys create new experiences and shared memories with those who walk close by my side.

Creating pictures of landscapes and growing things is also a daily reminder of the fragility of the ecosystems that sustain us, and of the inaccessibility of these gifts to so many –a welcome reminder of obligation beyond the studio.

Whatever art I make is at one stage photography.  I experience, I observe, then I photograph.  My photos later stimulate memory and emotion.  I take up the varied instruments of my craft to create images that rely on photography, yet are not photographs.

Whatever the medium, I am pulled to make pictures grounded in close observation and physical particularity, yet expressive of my emotional and spiritual response to the subject.  Lately, as I age, I am aware of a heightened sense of impermanence.  How can I evoke in visual terms my experience of the ephemeral, fleeting nature of existence, and of my own being?

All this musing and meditation goes on day by day in my tiny studio, in my art-maker’s mind.

I offer to you the residue: these pictures –to see whatever you see and to find your own meaning and enjoyment.

I invite your comments or questions.  You can reach me at



Fireside Art Gallery committee:

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