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The Chevra Kadisha (Holy Society) serves to prepare the bodies of the dead for burial following ancient Jewish ritual and Jewish renewal innovation. Chevra Kadisha has written a booklet, End of Life Passages (1.6 MB PDF), has given workshops on death and dying, and worked on prayer service for Tahara. The committee meets at least four times per year and conducts periodic trainings.

  • A Final Resting Place for Kehilla (update from prior article in the Kol Kehilla) by Cathy Steirn
    (update from prior article in the Kol Kehilla)
    Kehilla’s Chevra Kadisha has begun looking at securing a Kehilla (and/or greater Bay Area Jewish) section at a local or nearby cemetery for our congregation. We have expanded our search to consider green burial. All places we include below bury cremains.
    We recognize that thinking about … >>
  • Chevra Kadisha Sh’mira Readings Project     Kehilla’s Chevra Kadisha is pleased to announce the completion of our “Sh’mira Readings Project.”  We now have two beautiful volumes that can be used by the shomrim (“watchers”) –those who sit with the body of a community member who has died until the time of burial.
    Traditionally, shomrim read Psalms during the sh’mira  (“watching”).  In … >>
  • Performing the Mitzvah of Shmira by the Chevra Kadisha
    Shmira is the simple and ancient practice of sitting with a person who has died from time of death to burial or cremation.* This practice binds our community together, comforting families, reminding us ever of the preciousness of life.
    Please consider being on our list of volunteers. Two hours at a time, maybe … >>

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