How Was The Values Statement Developed?

   by Rabbi David J. Cooper The Kehilla Statement of Values on Israel/ Palestine  was passed by the Kehilla Board of Trustees in September. That Board resolution was only the last stage of a long process. It was in the making for several years and has involved many educational gatherings, surveys of the community, open […]

A Note on the Israel/Palestine Values Survey

by Rabbi David J. Cooper Last month we sent out to every member household a survey to determine support for a statement of values on Israel/Palestine. One could indicate where one stood on a spectrum from very much disagreeing to strong agreement (scale of 1 to 5). As of this writing, 141 responses have been received. […]

Mourning the Dream on Tisha B-Av: The Holiday of Lamentations

 Saturday, August 13, 6:30pm by Rabbi David J. Cooper & Rabbi Burt Jacobson During the last years, especially during the Netanyahu administration, big steps have been taken that are increasingly making an independent Palestinian state less and less possible. That failure can mean many more years of suffering and an absence of justice for Palestinians. […]

Coming to Your Email: Values Statement Survey on Israel/Palestine

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by Rabbi David J. Cooper In a few days, Kehilla members will receive a survey to assess support for the wording of a statement reflecting our synagogue’s values in regard to Israel/Palestine. Standing up for our values is not just words, but an action. And silence too is an action. So I believe that we […]

ALEPH is Not Silent – It is Listening

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ALEPH Listening Tour at Kehilla Friday & Saturday April 15 & 16 by Rabbi David J. Cooper The Velveteen Rabbi aka Rachel Barenblat and Rabbi David Markus will be guest service leaders and teachers on the Shabbat of April 15 and 16—and they are not to be missed—but they, along with ALEPH Executive Director Shoshanna Schechter-Shaffin, are coming to […]

Downloadable Kehilla HOME seder

Looking for a good interactive bare-bones haggadah? Kehilla-style?   New, improved and FREE! Instructions and suggestions on using the Haggadah   The Haggadah in PDF format:

 The Sanctuary and The Journey    

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by Rabbi David J. Cooper At the Shabbat service on March 12, we are completing the Book of Exodus where a little sacred magic happens. But more on that later. The first parashah (torah segment) in Exodus begins with a list of people who went down to Egypt in Joseph’s time (“These are the names…”). […]

The Turning: God, Jews, and Torah in the 21st Century

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by Rabbi David J. Cooper These are some ideas that frame my thoughts as I start co-teaching with Rabbi Burt our course “Radical Judaism for Our Time.” It’s all up for grabs – as the expression goes. The major frameworks of Jewish life for 2000 years are now subject to reevaluation. We are in the […]

Breaking Down the Barriers

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by Rabbi David J. Cooper In Eugene Ionesco’s play, Rhinoceros, a man notices that mysteriously one-by-one people around him are turning into rhinoceroses, and they do not notice that this is happening, and neither do most of the people around them who will shortly become rhinoceroses themselves. The play is a metaphor, and it captures […]

Our Wall of History: Dedication at our Hanukkah Party on December 12

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by Rabbi David J. Cooper [At our Chanukah party on December 12 we are “ribbon cutting” the amazing Kehilla History Wall in our social hall and honoring the folks who made it happen.] The board of directors was pondering how to celebrate Kehilla’s 30th. This was more than two years ago. Board member Susan Freundlich […]