B’nei Mitzvah on the Horizon! August & September

Dear Kehilla community, You are invited to join us at the following Shabbat morning services as these amazing humans become Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Some of us may feel a little hesitant about coming to a Shabbat service when a young person we do not know personally is becoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Please be assured that having Kehilla community members present brings […]

Kehilla’s Little Free Library

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  Thanks to the collaboration of several congregants, Kehilla is now the proud owner of a Free Little Library that stands at the bottom of the stairs, at the main entrance to the building. It all started when Amy Bat Tziporah offered to donate the handmade library to the community. The task of decorating it […]

Open Minds, Open Hearts: Exploring Class Dynamics in Our Kehilla Community

**Calling all Kehilla members!** You are all invited to participate in a FREE experiential workshop entitled: OPEN MINDS, OPEN HEARTS: EXPLORING CLASS DYNAMICS IN OUR KEHILLA COMMUNITY, on Sunday, October 7, 2018, from 1-5 PM. The workshop will be facilitated by Kehilla member Penny Rosenwasser and members of the Kehilla Working Class/Low Income Group. Class […]

High Holy Days 5779 – 2018: Emet ~ Truth ~ אמת

High Holy Days 5779 – 2018 Emet ~ Truth ~ אמת מִי־יָג֣וּר בְּאָֽהֳלֶ֑ךָ מִֽי־יִ֜שְׁכֹּ֗ן בְּהַ֣ר קָדְש? הוֹלֵ֣ךְ תָּ֖מִים וּפֹעֵ֥ל צֶ֑דֶק וְדֹבֵ֥ר אֱ֜מֶ֗ת בִּלְבָבֽוֹ: Who lives within your tent? Who settles on your holy mountain? One who walks with integrity, and who acts justly, and who speaks truth in their heart. Psalm 15:1-2 Our High Holy […]

To Members of Our Kehilla Community who Identify as JEWS OF COLOR:

Aurora Levins Morales will be leading an Affinity Group for Jews of Color, as part of our new Kehilla Racial Justice Initiative. Since the day & time of this meeting is still being set – though will likely be in August or early September– if you would like to attend this meeting, please email Penny […]

A Special Call from Penny Rosenwasser, Middle Class Ally, to Kehilla Members Raised Middle Class and/or Upper Class!

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PLEASE SAVE THE DATE NOW to attend our upcoming workshop: OPEN MINDS, OPEN HEARTS: EXPLORING CLASS DYNAMICS IN OUR KEHILLA COMMUNITY SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2018 – 1-5pm at Kehilla A Free Experiential Workshop for ALL Kehilla Members: Facilitated by Kehilla member Penny Rosenwasser and members of Kehilla’s Working Class/Low Income Group RSVPs to maya@kehillasynagogue.org ⧫ […]

Kehilla Cemetery Section in Mt. View Cemetery is Happening!!

Please read this article as it has significant financial information about grave purchase The process has begun to secure a Kehilla congregational section in lovely Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland. This is a three phase process contingent upon Kehilla members buying a minimum of 30 graves within the first year.  At this time, more than 30 […]

Update from Let Our People Go: A Win in the Struggle – the Struggle Continues

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In a time of profound threats to human rights, we recognize and celebrate when our collective action has an impact. Standing up for our fellow humans in a visible, collective way matters. Achieving concrete wins invigorates the weary and inspires new activism. On July 10th Contra Costa Sheriff David Livingston announced the cancellation of the […]

13th Annual Faith Trio Harvest Dinner

This year at Kehilla on Sukkot Friday, September 28, 6:30-8:45pm Join us in the Kehilla Sukkah for this annual tradition of the Faith Trio [Kehilla, the Islamic Cultural Center, and Montclair Presbyterian) as we gather in the autumn to be together in community. The Harvest Festival brings together Jews, Muslims and Christians from the three […]

The Jewish Roots of Kehilla’s Values: Martin Buber, Part 2

by Rabbi Burt Jacobson I spent my junior year in Israel in 1964-65, and one of my teachers was Martin Buber’s closest friend, Ernst Simon. Prof. Simon had arranged for us to meet with Buber, but before this could take place, Buber became ill and died. Yet even though I never met him personally, Buber’s […]