Belonging & Allyship Project – White Privilege Caucus off to an exciting start!

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The Belonging and Allyship Project, a congregation-wide effort to better align our commitments to being a welcoming congregation to all, especially people of color (for more context, reference Aurora Levins Morales’ powerful Yom Kippur update or some history from Rabbi Dev, here), has moved into the next phase, with many of the affinity groups hosting […]

Thank You to the People Who Make Our High Holy Days Come to Life!

by Rabbi Dev Noily I’m about to take down our sukkah, excited that rain is miraculously in the forecast. All that lulav-shaking inviting an early drizzle to our parched soil in these early days of what we pray will be a season of rain. I feel the fullness of this time of year, a kind […]

Thank You for Your Generosity: October 2018

Thank You for Your Generosity Financial Annual Fund Diane Elliot and Burt Jacobson Mary Ross, in honor of the streaming of High Holy Day Services for homebound attendees General Fund The Louisa Kreisberg Family Foundation Eric Boskin Janet Kranzberg High Holiday Tzedakah Janet Kranzberg, in memory of my parents, Betty & Max Kranzberg, Melanie Kaye […]

Torah Chanting Opportunities!

Love to chant Torah? We want YOU to leyn! Teens and Adults, let’s do this, one aliyah at a time 🙂 Join us for Shabbat morning services and share your skills and love of leynen with our community. If you’re interested but have never chanted torah before, or if it’s been a long time and […]

B’nei Mitzvah on the Horizon! October

Dear Kehilla community, You are invited to join us at the following shabbat morning services as these amazing humans become Bat/Bar Mitzvah. Some of us may feel a little hesitant about coming to a shabbat service when a young person we do not know personally is becoming Bat/Bar Mitzvah. Please be assured that having Kehilla community members present brings […]

Attention All Healthcare Providers and Advocates: The Economic Justice Committee (EJC) asks for your help in improving health and safety conditions in Alameda County jails

Attention All Healthcare Providers and Advocates: The Economic Justice Committee (EJC) asks for your help in improving health and safety conditions in Alameda County jails. Kehilla’s Economic Justice Committee (EJC) had a full committee retreat on August 26, coming away with renewed energy to focus as a committee on the Live Free work of Oakland […]

Executively Speaking: Rosh Hashana Thoughts

By Michael Saxe-Taller, Executive Director The following is excerpted from a talk given on Erev Rosh Hashana I love my job! One thing I love is the view I get of the many parts of this living, growing organism we call the Kehilla Community. During last year’s High Holy Days, our leaders called us to […]

The Jewish Roots of Kehilla’s Values: Martin Buber, Part 3

by Rabbi Burt Jacobson I became aware of Martin Buber’s views about Zionism and Israel during the 1970s, and since that time his spiritual/political approach to these thorny issues has been central to my own understanding of Jewish nationalism. I adopted a version of Buber’s outlook when I was formulating the original vision for Kehilla […]

Thank You for Your Time: August & September Kol Kehilla

    Thank you to the many volunteers who made the Annual Retreat and the Tisha B’Av Interfaith Ceremony successful events and deeply meaningful experiences for all who attended.  Many More Thank Yous Keeping track of all the people who make Kehilla amazing is a difficult task! Though we express gratitude in many ways, when it […]

Thank You for Your Generosity: August & September Kol Kehilla

General Fund Michelle Roland and Richard Miles Susala Kisber General Fund for Sanctuary Shower Project Anna Martin and Loel Solomon Irene McPhail Leila MacBeth Marge Sussman Penny Rosenwasser Renee Enteen and Gail Grassi Ruth and Jay Koch Debbie Fier Immigration Project Funds Barbara Buckley Elizheva Hurvich and Bob Fink in honor of the Amazing Sanctuary Work […]