An Interview with Kehilla Congregant Satya Zamudio

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By Bill Lazarus When Satya Zamudio turned 11 she moved back to the Bay Area with her mom Brooke Lober. Her dad, Joaquin Zamudio Garcia, lived four blocks away. In prior homes in Tucson and LA, they had not been particularly religious. But Brooke, an activist in Jewish Voice for Peace and the International Jewish […]

Thank You for Your Generosity: November 2018

Thank You for Your Generosity Financial Annual Fund Danielle Rosenman and Steven Falk, in memory of our mothers, Adele Essman and Lillie Falk Shelley Nathans and Sam Gerson, in memory of Ariel Hershcopf General Fund Andrea Bryck Cathy Jane Steirn, in memory of my sister Judy and Irwin Miller, in memory of Irene McPhail Nahum […]

A Word from the Board

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Welcome to this new column about the life of the Kehilla Board of Trustees.  We hope to keep the congregation informed about what our Board does to support and sustain our wonderful community. In our first column, we’d like to introduce the work of the Board towards uncentering whiteness and advancing racial justice.  In tandem […]

What’s Up with Our Jails?

By Jeanne Finberg and Richard Speiglman Holding Alameda County’s Sheriff Accountable — Report and Rally In a rousing rally and demonstration on Oct 2, 2018, Jose Bernal from the Ella Baker Center emceed an event in front of the Glenn Dyer Detention Facility on 6th Street in Oakland, decrying the harsh conditions and human rights […]

B’nei Mitzvah on the Horizon! November

Dear Kehilla community, You are invited to join us at the following shabbat morning services as these amazing humans become Bat/Bar Mitzvah. Some of us may feel a little hesitant about coming to a shabbat service when a young person we do not know personally is becoming Bat/Bar Mitzvah. Please be assured that having Kehilla community members present brings […]

An Update to Kehilla’s Process For Responding to Abuse

by Rabbi Dev Noily Keeping our community one that is safe for everyone, and where people facing abuse can find support, is a priority for Kehilla. Our Board recently reviewed and revised our policy for responding to abuse. The purpose of this article is to share some of Kehilla’s history around responding to abuse, and […]

Rabbi David and the Equinox at Cesar Chavez Solar Calendar in the Berkeley Marina

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Here is an article about Rabbi David’s leadership of the observance of the equinox at Cesar Chavez Solar Calendar in the Berkeley Marina. He talked about this a bit during his high holiday sermon, and several Kehilla folks came. He does it every year on the autumn equinox. Enjoy!

Launch of East Bay Community Energy

What You Need to Know About Your New Energy Provider After a decade of organizing and advocacy by multiple community organizations, including Kehilla’s Greening Committee, an Alameda County Community Choice Energy program designed to address environmental, economic and social justice needs of East Bay communities will become your energy provider next month (November.) EBCE, like […]

Time is of the Essence! Kehilla Cemetery Section in Mt. View Cemetery is Happening

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Please read this article as it has significant and time sensitive financial information about grave purchase The process has begun to secure a Kehilla congregational section in lovely Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland. This is a three phase process contingent upon Kehilla members buying a minimum of 30 graves within the first year. Plot 70 is […]

Belonging & Allyship Project – White Privilege Caucus off to an exciting start!

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The Belonging and Allyship Project, a congregation-wide effort to better align our commitments to being a welcoming congregation to all, especially people of color (for more context, reference Aurora Levins Morales’ powerful Yom Kippur update or some history from Rabbi Dev, here), has moved into the next phase, with many of the affinity groups hosting […]