News from the Immigration Committee

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Wanted to share some updates on our most recent activities, which are keeping immigration committee members very busy! Thanks to all who have participated in so many ways!  Sanctuary We are thrilled that during the pandemic we have been able to utilize our guest suite at Kehilla to host 4 different immigrants who needed a […]

Immigration Committee Requests for Housing and Car

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1) Please help this asylum-seeking family from Honduras find housing ($1200-1700 per month). This responsible, caring, employed family is trying to get established in this country.  Looking for a studio to 2-bedroom for 4 months or longer. Can do partial work exchange:  housekeeping, indoor and outdoor painting, cooking, childcare, Spanish-immersion, and home repairs. The family […]

Work Opportunities Needed

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The Kehilla Immigration Committee’s accompaniment teams are currently working with a number of immigrants who are looking for various types of work.  If you can help provide any of these individuals with jobs, either casual work or long-term employment, please reach out to the contacts below. 1) “If you are looking for help in your home […]

Welcoming the Stranger: October 2020 Update

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In the spring of 2020, just prior to the beginning of the pandemic, the Sanctuary Task Force completed preparations to host a guest at Kehilla. The space was finally ready; protocols were in place; and volunteer trainings had commenced. With the onset of the pandemic we realized that we could utilize our space to assist […]

Banner Drop Day of Action

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On October 6th, the Kehilla Immigration Committee participated in a statewide action to protest the 68 deaths from COVID that have already occurred in California’s jails, prisons and ICE detention centers and demand that Governor Newsom use his authority to prevent the further unnecessary outbreaks and deaths. Faith communities and many organizations displayed banners and […]

Sanctuary Task Force Update

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The Sanctuary Task Force was prepared to welcome a new guest at Kehilla this week, but, sadly, the cruel system which funnels immigrants who earn parole from prison directly to ICE detention prevented this from happening.  Patricia Waller, a lawful permanent resident who was originally from Belize and who is a survivor of many years […]

Action to Save Lives at San Quentin

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A number of Kehilla members participated in an action at San Quentin on July 19, 2020, some in person and some virtually. Rabbi David was one of the faith leaders who spoke.  You can hear him here starting at minute 25 or read his words here. Thanks to Sabine Gillespie for the great banners!  We […]

Immigration Committee Update: Luis

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After sheltering at Kehilla for 3 1/2 weeks, our guest, Luis, returned to Sacramento. Despite the challenges of hosting a guest during a pandemic, we were able to provide a safe, restful place for Luis, clothing, home cooked meals, physically distanced visits and other support. We learned that advance planning pays off but that we […]

Immigration Committee Housing Request

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As you know, many members of our community have been involved in sponsoring, hosting or accompanying newly arrived immigrants. Through this program, we have worked with four young transgender women from Mexico and Central America who fled persecution and came to the US seeking asylum. Two are currently living with host families, who provide housing […]

Update on the Kehilla Immigration Committee’s Accompaniment Work

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Lili Shidlovski, Carol Rothman, Julie Litwin Accompaniment Coordinating Subcommittee Kehilla’s accompaniment teams and housing hosts have been busy in new ways because of the coronavirus pandemic. Over the past 5 years, Kehilla members have hosted refugees and asylum seekers in their homes and have formed teams to assist them to get settled and feel welcome […]