Executively Speaking: Growing our Foundation

By Michael Saxe-Taller It was culture shock. Julie and I had just moved to New York City (Brooklyn to be specific) for her to begin Rabbinical School and we had gone to the local supermarket to buy food. What we found was a small produce section where the fruits and vegetables were not fresh and many […]

Executively Speaking: An Exciting Time at Kehilla

by Michael Saxe-Taller, Executive Director Kehilla is at an exciting time in its evolution. We have been growing steadily for a few years. We now have the opportunity to look afresh at our community and imagine new possibilities, some for the first time. This was not true only a few years back. Soon after I […]

Executively Speaking: A Fast Approaching New Year

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By Michael Saxe-Taller We are still in the midst of summer. Our days are warm. Young people are out of school, playing, exploring and learning. Many of us are taking weekend adventures or cleaning out our garages (happening at the Saxe—Taller home!). Nevertheless, here at Kehilla, there is a buzz of activity. Preparations are underway […]

Executively Speaking: The Effects of Class and Money at Kehilla

by Michael Saxe-Taller Over the last several months, a group of working class and low-income members of Kehilla have been gathering to discuss how class affects their lives both in and outside of the Kehilla community.  From what I have heard from some who have gone, it has been very meaningful for them to connect […]

Executively Speaking: The State of the Congregation

by Michael Saxe-Taller Because of the broad nature of my responsibilities as Kehilla’s executive director, I have a unique perspective on the Kehilla community. I have prided myself on knowing just about everything that is happening in our large, growing and extremely active congregation.  At this year’s Kehilla Leadership Retreat, I found out how wrong […]

Executively Speaking: A Meaningful Weekend

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by: Michael Saxe-Taller I love retreats and I really loved our second bi-annual Community Building Retreat for Kehilla Leaders. Over the weekend of February 2-4, 2018, 71 Kehilla leaders spent a meaningful three days (actually 44 hours) together at Walker Creek Ranch in west Marin County. Our contingent included Kehilla staff, board members, committee chairs, […]

Executively Speaking: Excitement on the Building Front

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by: Michael Saxe-Taller Over the past several years, we have had many important priorities – a rabbinic transition, hiring new staff, solidifying our financial situation, increasing our membership, putting new administrative systems in place, and figuring out how to respond to our current political reality. We have made enormous strides in all of these areas. […]

Executively Speaking: Growing into our Future

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by: Michael Saxe-Taller As I watched the hundreds of Kehilla members and friends celebrate Rabbi Dev at our Brit Kehilla – Community Covenant last month, I couldn’t help but kvel (feel proud) about Kehilla and the state of our congregation. We have had quite the start to this year and I am inspired to share […]

Executively Speaking: Kehilla’s Spiritual Audacity

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by: Michael Saxe-Taller We recently completed a marvelous holiday season.  More people than ever came to our High Holy Day services, including overflow crowds at our Family and Tot services.  Powerful words were spoken on our theme of “Facing Our Times with Spiritual Audacity” (see the sermons on our website). And we concluded the season […]

Executively Speaking: A Brand New Year

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by: Michael Saxe-Taller It’s amazing but here we are, only a couple weeks away from the start of another new year. That means that it is time to take stock of the past year and to imagine what is coming for the new one. It has been a wonderfully full year for the Kehilla Community […]