Kehilla Immigration Committee Meeting

Thursday, March 15th at 7pm in the Buber Room Please join us, even if you have never attended before. We will have a very full and interesting agenda, including updates on current issues (ICE raids, DACA, the recent Rodriguez decision), reports on our accompaniment program, Let Our People Go protests at the West County Detention […]

Thank You for Your Generosity

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Thank You for Your Generosity General Donation Kristine Peterson Em Herzstein and Sandy Bredt in honor of Hedy Straus and the Chesed Committee Laurie Nemzer in memory of Raymond and Sylvia Nemzer Harvey Sohnen in honor of Kehilla’s Spiritual Leaders Immigration Committee Margaret Lord and Erik Davidson Nonnie Welsh in honor of the In-kind donation […]


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by Cathy Steirn and Jane Hoberman It is with gratitude and appreciation to all who participated in Kehilla’s cemetery survey that we write this article to our congregation. We anticipate that this will be the first of other communiqués about this complex and life cycle topic. The intention of this survey was to determine if […]

An Interview with Kehilla Congregants and Staff: Maya Joshua

by Bill Lazurus Maya Joshua, Kehilla’s Programs and Communications Manager since the turn of the year, has ties to both Israel and the United States as well as to her mom’s political activism and her dad’s secular pragmatism. “I’m lucky that I have two homes,” Maya says. “I feel thoroughly American as well as Israeli.” […]

Living Room Conversations

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by Steven Falk How can we narrow the  widening divide in our country, and among neighborhoods? Over a year ago I learned about LIVING ROOM CONVERSATIONS. This organization came from the founder of Move-On about 5 years ago. Simply put, it is a tool for conducting straight forward conversations using safety guidelines to foster deep listening. There […]

Kehilla Men’s Group Welcoming New Members

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by Don Stone An informal group of Kehilla men have been coming together as a monthly men’s group. A major focus has been creating relatively unstructured intimate space for sharing and listening.  We welcome participation from anyone self-identifying as a man who would be interested in checking out the group.  For more information contact any of the following: Laird […]

Getting More Involved at Kehilla

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by Madeleine Adkins Do you want to get more involved with Kehilla—get to know other Kehilla folks, and contribute—but aren’t sure what your options are? Kehilla thrives because of member involvement. And it has a number of committees, some focused on global issues, some focused on challenges we face here in the Bay Area, some […]


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There is presently a chance to purchase graves in Mountain View cemetery so that Kehilla members can be buried together and we can get that area consecrated as Jewish.  We are currently in active conversation with the CFO and Sales Manager at Mt. View.  As there is a tight window of time for these plans, […]

Think twice before you give a hug

by Chaya Gusfield I’m usually a hugger. When I see people I haven’t seen for a while or want to acknowledge someone in an open-hearted way, I often will automatically reach for a hug. Physical acknowledgment is usually perceived as a sign of warmth. But not always. In the last few years, I have noticed […]

Help with donations for people experiencing homelessness

Please help Tayla Husbands-Hankin support our homeless population survive the winter by donating blankets, tarps, tents, warm jackets, pants and men’s socks to be distributed to homeless folks in the area. We have a box located right by the front door (near name badges). It continues to be a pressing need.