Kehilla is a community of social progressives and spiritual seekers:
a  participatory, musical, celebratory and democratic congregation of all ages, identities and family constellations.

Learn about Kehilla’s Belonging & Allyship Project, a big and long-term initiative to address white supremacy and racial justice internally within Kehilla, at all levels of our organization and community
. See upcoming events on our Sukkah b’Makom page!

 Racial Justice Invocation by Aurora Levins Morales

Belonging & Allyship Goals

¤ For Kehilla to be a place where Jews of color experience belonging, and are able to bring their full selves into the community.  This includes building our capacity to support the particular experiences of kids and youth of color and to help create space where POC can explore their experience and needs and create relationship with each other.

¤ For Kehilla to be a place for white people to do the work they need to do to recognize, understand and actively challenge white supremacy both in U.S culture and within Kehilla.

¤ For Kehilla to build our capacity to be allies and accomplices as we do more multiracial organizing, especially in collaboration with people of color-led organizations

Affinity Groups

People of Color: Ruthie Levin

POC Families, Kehilla School Involved Kids of Color: (in process)

Sephardi/Mizrahi: Wren Ganin-Pinto

White Parents of Children of Color

Folks with White Privilege: Susan Shulman, Julie Aronowitz, Penny Rosenwasser Next meeting on 6 August, learn more here.

Tikkun Ha Nefesh: (Repair of the Soul) Healing Racism, Unpacking White Privilege –  Chaplain Laura Fitch & Rabbi Shifra Tobacman. Next meeting on 19 July, learn more here.